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 A plein air dayWelcome to my website!

This website is constantly evolving and is currently under contruction by myself, the Artist, so your patience is required. All works can be currently viewed under the "INVENTORY' gallery but at times I will move certain works to new Galleries, ie: ANIMALS.  If you see something you like, click on it for more details.

 Please enjoy the paintings and come back often to see any new additions. I also greatly appreciate your feedback, constructive criticism and suggestions.

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Drawing and painting have come in and out of my life for as long as I can remember.

As a young child I was fortunate to have guided lessons from time time. I was fascinated by the uniqueness of people, so I was constantly doodling and sketching them. Sometimes my Father, also very talented, would paint in watercolour with me. Years passed, and day to day life got in the way of creativity, and I didn't paint or draw for years.

In 2004 I picked up the brush and tried my hand at oils. Now I cannot imagine my life without painting new works. Subject matter includes animals, people, still life, landscapes and also abstract. I'm also especially fond of palette knife painting. For the most part however, I really enjoy the challenge of painting nature because it is so randomly perfect, and the subject matter is endless.

Currently painting in a part-time capacity, I consider my paintings a journey to no fixed address or final destination.Techniques and interests are constantly morphing, and I don't consider myself as having yet developed a 'style'. I view my paintings as an expression of my travels and life experiences, however subject matter that may have interested me five years ago may be becoming redundant for me now. Currently piqued by abstract and portraiture these days, and am now focusing on those types of work.

I consider myself a perpetual student still at the novice stage, and hope to continue developing personalized  techniques by attending demos, workshops, life drawing and enrolling in classes from Artists of all genres.

I'm just grateful that I've acquired the discipline to stick with it. And I'm blessed to reside on Vancouver's beautiful North Shore, surrounded by an abundance of  talent and creative expression. 



2 paintings, 'Coming Ashore' and 'Across the Bay' currently on loan to Lionsgate Hospital, North Vancouver.

2 entries at the West Vancouver Yacht Club. West Vancouver. May 2015.

Also please join me at the North Shore Artist's Guild's Spring Show on Saturday May 2nd/2015. This show will also be available ONLINE. For details, click here.