Artist's Bio


Drawing and painting have come in and out of my life for as long as I can remember.

As a young child I was fortunate to have guided lessons from time to time. I was fascinated by the uniqueness of people, so I was constantly doodling and sketching them. I was also fortunate to have a father who liked to paint, so we would occasionally sit down together and create something in watercolour. Years passed, and day to day life got in the way of creativity. With the exception of one watercolour class, I didn't paint or draw for years.

In 2004 I picked up the brush and tried my hand at oils. Now I cannot imagine my life without painting new works. Subject matter includes animals, people, still life, landscapes and also some abstract. I really enjoy being outside and the challenge of painting nature because it is so randomly perfect and the subject matter is endless. 

I consider myself a perpetual student still at the novice stage, and hope to continue developing personalized  techniques by attending workshops, life drawing and taking classes from Artists of all genres.

Currently painting in a part-time capacity, I consider my paintings a journey to no fixed address or final destination. Since techniques and interests are constantly morphing, I don't consider myself as having developed a 'style'. I view my paintings as an expression of my own evolution. Subject matters that may have interested me five years ago may be becoming redundant for me now. Piqued by abstract, portraiture and palette knife technique these days, I'm currently focusing on those types of work. 


Artist's Statement

Painting for me is the evolution of my education, creative expression and life experience (or struggle). The emotional result of a collage of visual, viceral and intuitive reaction.

I feel that with every painting I learn something new, yet there are times when my creativity feels stagnant; painters' block. Subconsciously at times I have worked to achieve a representational piece. That my painting is a celebration is an understatement, because I feel so blessed to have some level of skill. There are times when the need to put brush to canvas is an urgency and sometimes the brush creates its own works, pulling in light or shadow to tell the story. Taking photos of varying stages of development, helps my progress.